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CBD Massage

Providing quality and effective CBD massage in Houston

Hemp-based CBD is high in CBD and low in THC making it the prime source for medicinal purposes and healing
whereas marijuana is high in THC and low in CBD making your product prone to cross-contamination and different effects on the nervous system.

Both CBD and THC are compounds within plants of the genus Cannabis—which includes both hemp and marijuana. CBD oil derived from hemp does not effect the high commonly associated with marijuana, according to several sources. CBD oil derived from marijuana contains an appreciable amount of THC, the same compound that gets people high, or stoned, when they smoke a joint...

Members get CBD add ons for only $5 !!!

Our sister company Lotus CBD is where we get all of our AMAZING  CBD products including our 100MG CBD Oil. 
Do you know why our CBD is some of the most effective on the market?

With CBD in Houston being so fast-growing, it can be hard to find a good CBD product in Houston.
 Because we use 99.9% pure CBD isolate to manufacture our CBD products instead of a premade diluted oil that’s sold at a cheaper rate. 
Our CBD has less than 0.03% #HC making it Legal in all 50 states and safe for anyone who gets drug tested regularly. 
Topical CBD is known to only aid in topical pains, inflammation, and soreness however when combined with hot stones here at LaRué’s Touch, it penetrates a little deeper and aids in mental imbalances such as anxiety, depression & insomnia. 
Click below to check out the lab results from our CBD isolate that we use in our pure hypoallergenic olive oil. 
Then book your $60 CBD massage happening all of October. You won’t be sorry!


CBD Oil aids in extreme relaxation, pain relief, and help with common inflammation issues.